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Tweez is the quickest way to manage your Twitter lists. A single page web app with all the tools you need to configure your lists.

Key features
- Create and edit your lists
- Share your public lists
- Add and remove members
- Select members from your friends or search other Twitter users by name

No installation, Tweez runs on your web browser and can be used on any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Fully compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OSX, Windows.

Public and private lists are both supported.


Our mission is to create the quickest way to manage Twitter lists.

Using a fast and lightweight application means saving time and network traffic.

This is the reason why we chose a minimal flat user interface and the single page approach.


The service is free and unlimited.

If you want to help us maintain and improve the project, you can support us by making a donation or simply recommending Tweez to your friends.


We do not store your data on our servers.

Everything you see is read directly from your Twitter and is only visible to you.

Tweez will never send spam tweets or direct messages for you.